WMS Gaming One of the Biggest Slot Game Producers

WMS Gaming is a manufacturer of slot machines, video lottery terminals and software. These machines are for gambling operations in casinos. The company’s main office is in Chicago, Illinois, United States. WMS Gaming is a subsidiary of WMS Industries, which was established in 1943 as the Williams Manufacturing Company.

WMS Gaming entered the slots games development market in 1994, and established a subsidiary, Midway Games, to take over the video game creation. WMS has since become one of the biggest developers of these games in the world. The first game created by WMS was the game ‘Reel ‘em  in’, which was a multi line multi coin slot game. This was followed by similar games, such as Jackpot Party and Filthy Rich. WMs Gaming continues to market its gaming machines, and also to advertise its immense range of casino slots games.

The company’s video gaming production ultimately proved to be its strength, and after the first few slots games were so successful, WMS Gaming followed these with a number of similar successful games. The gaming industry boomed in the 1990s in America, and additional states permitted casino gambling and video lottery games. Since 1999, WMS Gaming has concentrated on the production of, sale, leasing, licensing and management of the slots games.

By 2001 WMS Gaming introduced its series of participation slots, where the Company licenses or leases the games to the casinos, instead of selling them to the casinos. Subsequent games are very popular, and will be recognised by every player. Games such as The Lord of the Rings, Men in Black, the Wizard of Oz and Star Trek, to name but a few, have since become classics in the gaming world. Some of these games are networked within the casinos, and the player then has a chance to win larger jackpots, depending on the number of machines in the network. This has proved immensely profitable for the Company.

Latest Technology Used In the New Games

Some of WMS Gaming’s product designs reflect the changing ideas of the industry. Young players often want new more challenging games, and that is when the Company’s machines incorporate surround sound, flat panel display screens and animated full colour 3D images.

In 2010 WMS Gaming began to offer online gambling in the UK, and in 2011 in the United States. In 2012 the Company introduced gaming on mobile devices, and began to expand its online slots offerings. Recently WMS Gaming has acquired the licence from IGT for the Monopoly games, and two exciting new games are being released soon. The WMS platforms are the foundations upon which many of the great new games are built. The technology used in the latest games is always ultra modern, offering many exciting new bonus structures and many new features.

Slots Offer Big Winnings for a Small Investment

Slots games are really the mainstay of any casino, online or live. They are always extremely popular, their very simplicity being a tremendous draw card. Slots are so easy for any gambler to play as they depend more on luck than most of the other casino games, and therefore there are no rules and strategies to master. Despite the variety of exciting games offered by the live casino and the online equivalent, slots have always been, throughout the ages, the favourite of all casino visitors. There is also the lure of immense jackpots waiting for to be won, all for a very small investment.