Show Me the Money Aristocrat Slot Was a Great Innovation

The Show me the Money slots game has been developed by Aristocrat Pokies Australia, one of the leading casino games developers and based in Australia. Today you will probably find most of the slot machines Show Me the Money in Australia at the present time, as this game is actually more than twenty years old.

Many players agree that Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot is what the classic, original slot machines were all about. They were produced in a time when slot machines were not necessarily created with great themes and musical soundtracks, but simply good game play and entertaining action. If you have the chance and can find this game, perhaps in a land based casino, you will enjoy playing it. There will probably not be an online version made of Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot.

Wilds and Scatters and Free Spins

The features used in Show Me the Money aristocrat pokies were also ahead of their time. The Sack of Money appeared as the Wild, and the Siren symbol provides access to the bonus round. The sound of the Siren is just that, the loud wail of a siren, and if you find three or more of the siren symbols, it announces the beginning of the bonus round with that noise. This free spins bonus round is one of the earliest included in a slots game. During the free spins round, the Sack of Money Wild symbol takes on another role. Not only does it continue to be Wild, but when it appears on the fifth reel it will open up to reveal a very good cash prize.

Although Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot has always been one of the pioneers of the slot industry, it is not readily available outside of Aussie casinos. There are a few of these slot machines in play around the world, but there probably will not be an online version of this game.

Symbols and Features Set the Stage for Later Slots

The symbols in Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot do not look very different to the symbols used in modern slot games. When this game was released, the latest slot games were all using the fruits and bars and bells. The developer Aristocrat was actually ahead of the times with this game and its symbols of luxury cars, Sacks of Cash and Jewellery, as well as other icons of wealth. Aristocrat also included the playing cards as symbols, from Ten to the Ace.

At that time, even three pay lines were regarded as an innovation. Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot set the stage for many of the later developments of slots game by other games producers, by using a revolutionary twenty pay lines. The pay lines could not be selected individually, but they were adjustable. At the time, this gave players what they thought was a surprising amount of control over their wagers and strategies. The prizes were also much bigger than were normal for that time, Show Me the Money Aristocrat slot offering as much as one thousand coins as a jackpot prize.