Secret Elixir Online Video Slot by Novomatic

Secret Elixir is an expertly crafted online video slot game produced by Novomatic. The theme of this slot is based on Alchemy and the idea of creating the Elixir of life. In this game, players will find images all relating to the art of Alchemy and the brewing of potions and elixirs. The backdrop to the game is an old building where the alchemists brew their potions in a secret laboratory filled with bubbling pots and smoking cauldrons. The graphics and animation in this slot are certainly above average and combined with the entertaining sound effects create a game that is thoroughly enjoyable and is will appeal to most slot fans.

5 Reel Alchemy Themed Slot

The slot arrangement in Secret Elixir is based on the classic setup of 5 reels with 10 paylines. However in this game, the fifth reel is entirely dedicated to a multiplier symbol. This means that in reality the game has four reels with a possible multiplier on each win line. On the reels players will find a number of characters all involved in brewing potions and elixirs. Some of the higher paying symbols include the master Alchemist, the male apprentice, the female apprentice, a wise looking owl and two gargoyle type statues. For the lower paying symbols, the slot designers have used the standard high card symbols that have been styled to blend into the game’s specific theme.

Alchemist Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Secret Elixir is played by the master Alchemist himself. As with most slot games, the wild symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other low or high paying symbols in order to form a winning combination. In this game, the only symbol the wild symbol cannot substitute for is the philosopher stone scatter symbol. The wild symbol is also the highest paying reel symbol and is worth looking out for. If players are lucky enough to find all four wild symbols across the reels, they will trigger the slot jackpot of 4000 coins. If players land the 5 x multiplier the jackpot will jump to 20 000 coins.

Philosopher Stone Scatter Symbol

In Secret Elixir, the Philosopher’s stone plays the role of the scatter symbol. As the second highest paying symbol of the game, the scatter symbol is important because it is the key to triggering the free spin bonus round. To activate the free spin round, players must land 3 or more philosopher stone scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Once the free spin round has been activated, players will be awarded with 12 free spins.

Fifth Reel Multipliers

In Secret Elixir, the fifth reel is a dedicated multiplier reel. In the base game, the multipliers that appear on reel five are 2x, 3x and 5x. This means that if the multiplier coincides with the line win, the entire win could be multiplied by 5. In the free spin bonus round, the number of multipliers increases. In addition to the 2, 3 and 5x multipliers the free spin bonus round also includes a 10x and 20x multiplier. In this case, if players land all four wild symbols and happen to land the 20x multiplier, this will result in a seriously big win.