Online Premier Roulette by Microgaming

Online casino software developers, Microgaming, designed and developed Premier Roulette. The table game is an online variation of the classic European roulette. This version of the classic and popular table game has unique special features which allow the game settings to be adjusted to suit the needs of the players.

The Look and Feel of Premier RouletteĀ 

Microgaming are well known for producing a superior level of quality casino games, most notably the hundreds of online slots and roulette games they have produced over the years. Premier Roulette is however known to be one of the best online roulette productions especially with regards to the graphics and special features. The 3D graphics and sound effects are elegant and realistic enhancing the ambiance to reflect a true representation of a real life roulette table. The look of the table and wheel can be adjusted by choosing between a black roulette wheel and a mahogany roulette wheel and choosing the table covering to be either green felt, red felt or blue felt.

Premier Rouletteā€™s Special Game Features

Premier Roulette has a video zoom feature where a normal view displays the entire roulette wheel on the screen but if the video zoom feature is enabled the screen will zoom in to display the portion of the wheel where the ball has landed. The speed of the spinning wheel can be adjusted between normal speed and turbo speed. The turbo speed feature will spin the roulette wheel faster, show the results quicker and allow for more games to be played. The table game can be played in normal mode or expert mode where an auto play feature is available to have the wheel spinning continuously for a predetermined number of times with the same bets for each automatic spin. The repeat feature of Premier Roulette allows for the same bet amount to be placed on the next wheel spin by simply clicking on one button. The win details feature can be enabled which will display a breakdown of all the information pertinent to the win and the bet details that won after a win occurs. The screen displays a statistics button which can be clicked on to view a statistical outline of that particular game session including the time played, the number of times the wheel has spun and details on all winning bets.

Playing of Premier Roulette Online

Since Premier Roulette is based on the classic European version the wheel has the same wheel setup of the numbers zero to thirty six randomly placed around the wheel. The zero pocket is coloured green while the other numbers are a mix of red and black. The screen displays the pay out amounts and ratios for all of the different types of betting options. The next step to begin spinning the roulette wheel, after the game setup is ready, is placing the all the desired bets on the roulette table. The betting options on Premier Roulette are the same as the standard European roulette bets. These include the straight up bets, inside bets, outside bets, call bets, neighbour bets and bets track. Multiple types of bets can be placed on the roulette betting table at the same time for one individual wheel spin.