Novomatic Gaming Acquires Eurocoin Gaming

Novomatic Gaming, one of the world’s largest integrated gaming companies, has announced the latest in a string of acquisitions in recent months. Now joining the Novomatic fold is Eurocoin Gaming, Holland’s sole supplier of Bell-Fruit video and reel-based gaming machines.

The gist of this major deal is that Novo Gaming, a wholly owned subsidiary of Novomatic Gaming acquires 100% of the shares of all three brands – JHV, Bell-Fruit and Errel – under the Eurocoin banner.

What Novomatic Hopes to Achieve with the Deal

As Novomatic Gaming acquires Eurocoin Gaming, it gains access to the latter’s vital and virtually uncontested position within the slots market in The Netherlands. Chief Technical Officer of Novomatic, Thomas Graf describes Eurocoin as “the leading force in the Dutch gaming supply chain with a market share of up to 80 percent in the pub market and a growing presence in the arcade sector. Eurocoin Gaming shares our ambitions; a continuous drive for innovations and being the best in our areas of business”.

Moreover, one of the most significant changes to anticipate as Novomatic gaming acquires Eurocoin is the emergence of popular Eurocoin titles – like Fruit Fest Joker Poker 2 and Wild Thing – in the online space. Graf explains: “Eurocoin Gaming has a huge historical library of successful games that will also be made available to the future online gaming market in the Netherlands once it becomes fully regulated”.

Ultimately, because Novomatic Gaming acquires Eurocoin Gaming at such a booming time in the online and land-based slots business, the company is sure to further entrench its already powerful hold on the Dutch market. Moreover, Novomatic Gaming acquires Eurocoin Gaming in order to diversify its offerings by adding to those available by existing brands.

Eurocoin’s Response to the Deal

The fact that Novomatic Gaming acquires Eurocoin Gaming is being punted as a definite pro for Eurocoin customers, who are expected to multiply exponentially in the coming months and years. Eurocoin plans to continue to provide Bell-Fruit products to the Dutch market, whilst driving forward its offerings to the technological cutting edge, with the help of Novomatic’s famously innovative approach.

Managing Director of Eurocoin Gaming, Paul Strikers says that Eurocoin is “happy and proud to further support Dutch operators with the famous Bell-Fruit product. Together with Novomatic, we expect to provide premium quality service and state-of-the-art products and innovations to the Dutch gaming market. As such, we will make sure our customers get access to best-of-breed group game content across all distribution channels. Our new team will ensure that Dutch operators will discover new sources of revenue via new and innovative products, which will open up new revenue streams and, at the same time, significantly grow the current customer base”.

A Little Bit More about Eurocoin

In 2013, the current Eurocoin Gaming brand was formed out of the merging of JHV Gaming Products, and the original Eurocoin Gaming. Out of this merger developed the three brands – JHV, Bell-Fruit and Errel. Each of these companies has its own development team, the members of which have designed and developed games for various platforms in both the local Dutch and international markets.

That Novomatic Gaming acquires Eurocoin Gaming is testament to the latter company’s great value and potential in the Dutch and global gaming industries.