The Origins Of Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a poker variant game that was developed by John Breeding. John is the founder of the company that developed a piece of Casino kit called The Shuffle Master. They developed the game Let It Ride as a way to promote their product that was developed by the popular slot developer, Bally Technologies. Let It Ride is generally a slower paced game, compared to the usually competitive world of Poker. Due to the pacing, this game became very popular with older players, but in the last 15 years the game has all but disappeared in modern casinos. One of the main reasons the game has lost a lot of its popularity is the game’s relatively high house edge.

How To Play Let It Ride

Let it ride is played in a similar fashion to poker. Players essentially wager on a five card hand that is made up of three dealt cards and two community cards, similar to games like Texas Holdem. Three cards are dealt to each player. The two community cards are placed face down on the gaming table. What sets Let It Ride apart from other poker variants like Pai Gow Poker or Texas Holdem is how wagering is performed. During the game you will have two opportunities to withdraw your initial wager made. This wager adjustment can take place after you first see your initial hand of three cards. After the first community card is revealed to all players, you can decide to remove another portion of your initial wager. You can remove your wager in one third increments. If you decide to keep your wager in play, you are said to Let It Ride, hence the name of the game.

Winning Hands in Let It Ride

Another difference in Let It Ride is how winning is determined. The lowest hand in Let It Ride that results in a payout is a pair of tens. If your highest hand is a pair of nines or less you automatically lose your entire wager placed to the house.

How To Split Your Wagers

Since wagering works by potentially removing portions of your wager in thirds, the splay table has three separate betting sections to place your wagers in three equal portions. The three spaces are usually marked as 1, 2 and $ with the numbers also handily indicating the order that the wager potions need to be removed. The game starts with the house dealing one card to each player, then placing one community card, and then another card dealt to each player, another community card placed in the community pile, then the final card to each player. Wagers are placed before any cards are dealt.

Side bets are possible in Let It Ride. You are able to make a wager on the value of the cards in your hand. The three cards in hand can be used like the pair plus side bet in three card poker. Most casinos determine their own odds but there are a few standard payout ratios. Hands are valued according to their standard poker valuations. A Royal flush has odds of 1000:1 with two pairs paying at a rate of 2:1