Let It Ride

Let It Ride is an American gambling film that was released in the year of 1989. The 87 minute comedy holds a comedic story centered on a cab driver who gets a tip off about a horse race that is unethically ensured to win.

This film casts a humorous light on the downs in the gambling world and points focus to the personality contrasts found there, as well as the hopeful, positive and sometimes funny attitudes of those who lose.

Cast and Crew

Let It Ride was directed by Joe Pytka, who is an American film, television, commercial and music video director. The Pittsburgh-born artist in actual fact holds the record for the largest number of nominations for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing in Commercials.

Let It Ride was produced by Richard Stenta and it was written by Nancy Dowd, who was credited as Ernest Morton, and is based on Jay Cronley’s novel called Good Vibes. The film boasts a rather impressive cast consisting of the Academy Award winning actor, Richard Dreyfuss who is well known for his roles in The Goodbye Girl, Mr. Holland’s Opus and much more.

Dreyfuss stars as the main character, Jay Trotter, while the rest of the cast is credited with actors such as David Johansen, playing Looney, Teri Garr as Pam, Jennifer Tilly as Vicki, Allen Garfield as Greenberg, among many others.

Let It Ride Plot Synopsis

Let It Ride follows the life of Jay Trotter, a cab driver who never seems to win – a major problem when you’re a regular gambler at the horse racing track. His friend Looney is also a cab driver, equipped with a secret microphone that holds the recordings of two men stating that there is a sure win on a particular race, where the owner used unethical practice to ensure that his horse comes in on top.

In spite of the fact that he has promised his wife, Pam, that he would walk away from NZ mobile casinos and be at home to give their marriage a fresh start at 12pm. While praying inside one of the bathroom cubicles, a man leaving the bathroom overhears him, mentions the phrase Let It Ride and Jay quickly places a 50 dollar bet that stands to win more than 14 times his bet.

The horse wins and, while providing Joe with a newfound confidence, prompts him to give the tape of the two gentlemen’s conversation back to them. In return, the grateful men offer him a tip for the very next race. He places a bet and is once again a winner.

Joe rolls with his lucky streak and bet after bet gambles all of his money and wins, using his new friends to access the exclusive dining room. There, he begins to get seriously involved in the world of gambling and discovers first-hand the inevitable ups and downs that come with it.

Release and Critics Reception

Released on the 18th of August in the year 1989, Let It Ride pulled in $4,973,285 dollars in the US Box Office. Although it wasn’t originally critically acclaimed, Let It Ride has over time developed to gain cult classic status. Pytka’s camera work has been seen as innovative, with smart styling, and fast pacing providing for a noteworthy and memorable film.