Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville

Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville is a stationary boat casino located in Caruthersville in Missouri, America. The actual boat itself is called the City of Caruthersville and is located on a 15 hectare site that also houses an enclosed pavilion for live shows. The boat itself is not on a river but instead is an example of a boat in a moat, a replica riverboat built expressly for the purpose of housing a casino and standing on blocks surrounded by water.

The casino was originally owned by Aztar Corporation, which was bought out by Columbia Sussex in 2007. Columbia Sussex was unfortunately not able to acquire a licence to run the Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville, and so promptly threatened to close the casino down in order to hold on to its takeover of Aztar. The casino went up for sale and was bought by Isle of Capri in 2007 for about $45 million. The boat and the surrounding land were rebranded to Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville in 2008.

The Casino at Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville

The casino at Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville is not a big one. It offers 590 slot and video poker machines and fifteen table games. The slots range from pennies up to about $10. There are no high limit rooms here. Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville focuses on fun and playing for fun. The staff are friendly and willing to teach you anything about any game that you are unsure of.

Various promotions are running all the time at the casino, with things like poker and slots tournaments that are open to everyone and free prize giveaways. A loyalty program can be joined for free, and works on a points system to climb up the tiers. Points can be earned by playing various games annually. Points can also be exchanged for various things, such as free cruises in the higher tiers and meal vouchers in the lower ones.

Staying and Dining at Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville

The Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville does not have its own hotel, but it does have an RV Park. The RV Park can hold a number of RV’s of different sizes, both on drive through concrete slabs and reverse in concrete slabs. Amenities for RV guests include a picnic spot and pavilion under the trees to unwind, twenty four hour security for peace of mind, and restroom and shower facilities. The whole park is pet friendly, so feel free to bring along your furry friends. Nearby to the park is a boat ramp and a shopping mall to ensure you always have something to do.

Dining at Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville is a choice of their signature steakhouse Otis and Henry’s bar and Grill or O&T’s Express. The bar and grill is an average priced steak and seafood joint that serves good food and decent wine off an al la carte menu. O&T’s Express is open until the small hours of the night offering quick snacks and sandwiches to players at the casino or RV guests alike. The pavilion plays host to live acts such as bands and comedians seasonally and can attract quite a crowd. The surrounding area to Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville holds a number of other things to do, such as golf, hiking and museums.