How to Win with Video Poker

With a lot of methods of gambling, there is no real trick to winning big. Normally you just play the odds and hope that luck is on your side. It may be well that you can figure out a way to exploit something that lets you win big often, but this is certainly not the ordinary way of things. In fact, a lot of people really enjoy casino games because of the fact they are based around luck, allowing the player to relax and see what happens.

But if you are the kind of person who likes to be in control of your wins, then video poker might just be the game for you. This is a great example of a casino game where what you do impacts your chances of winning big. The aim of video poker and real money online pokies is to make a certain hand out of what you have on the screen, discarding some of the cards and exchanging them for others to see if you can get a match. You want to get the highest paid hand possible in each round, so that the game pays out to you and you win the bet. Each hand will have its own value, based on the scoring system of each individual game, and it is this you can use to make your payouts bigger. Here’s how to get started with winning big on video poker games.

Learn which games pay best

First of all, you should know that the different rules between games actually affect your chances of winning. Some forms of video poker are more lucrative than others. This means that if you get it right, you can end up giving yourself a great head start before you even place your first bet. So long as you have the right combination of game and strategy, the sky might really be the limit. You could end up racking up big wins one after another and watching your casino balance soar.

The one problem you will have in front of you is that most casinos stick to just one or two varieties of video poker, and of course the most common ones are not the ones that you will be looking for. Learn to tell the difference. You should also know about the payout tables: if you have a game with a great set up which has had the payout values lowered, then this might make it less worthwhile to play. You can work out the payout tables when they are not provided simply by winning a few hands and adding up your earnings.

Learn the strategy

Of course, just knowing the right game is not enough. You need to know how to play it! This is very important because strategy is everything in video poker. You may be surprised to see just how much it can change your fortunes. Knowing what hand to play and when will help you to increase your winnings by a huge amount.