NetEnt Blackjack High Limit Online Casino Game

Any player with more than a cursory knowledge of the game of Blackjack knows that there is not only one version of the game. Blackjack varies extensively, depending on the number of decks in play, the table minimum, and other factors.

Leading online casino slot and table game developer, Net Entertainment has a wide range of Blackjack variants to cater to the preferences of all players. Experienced Blackjack players will be interested to know that this includes a range of high-stakes options, such as Blackjack High Limit, Blackjack Pro High Limit, Double Exposure High Limit, and Blackjack Single Deck High Limit.

Blackjack High Limit is NetEnt’s flagship offering for players who prefer to up the ante and is a good place for players with limited bankrolls or experience in high stakes to start.

What is Blackjack High Limit?

Blackjack High Limit is a version of the popular game that high rollers like to play because the stakes are elevated. In traditional brick-and-mortar land-based casinos, games like Blackjack High Limit are often found in private rooms generally only frequented by either the extremely wealthy or the incredibly brave. With Blackjack High Limit, these higher-stakes varieties have become more accessible and less intimidating to the average gambler.

Blackjack High Limit is virtually identical to standard Blackjack in all ways but one – the stakes are much, much higher.

In Net Entertainment’s Standard Blackjack variant, wagers range from just 1.00 up to 40.00 credits, which allows inexperienced players to stay safe with bets in the region of 5.00 credits, whilst intermediate players can push their luck a little further. The betting limit in Blackjack High Limit, by contrast, can shoot up to as high as 500.00 credits.

Once the cards have been dealt in Blackjack High Limit, players have five options – hit, stand, double, split or, if the dealer has an Ace, players can buy insurance. In Blackjack High Limit, as in other variants, the dealer must stand on 17 and draw to 16. If players have purchased insurance and the dealer comes up with a blackjack, two times the insurance bet will be returned to them.

Blackjack High Limit pays out the usual 3:2.

Why Take the Risk?

Even non-gamblers know that, when the stakes are higher, so are the risks. So why do people choose to take all that extra risk by wagering up to 500.00 credits on a Blackjack High Limit game? Because the potential rewards are also much greater.

In Blackjack High Limit, both losses and wins can grow considerably large; it’s up to players to decide whether they have the capital and experience to take the risk.

Who Should Play Blackjack High Limit?

Contrary to popular belief, winning at Blackjack is not entirely a matter of chance. It also involves a certain measure of skill. This means that, when it comes to Blackjack High Limit, experience is invaluable. Having a great deal of experience and skill with Blackjack can go a long way to offsetting the risks involved in a Blackjack High Limit game.