The Battle of Cybertron Slots Game

Battle of Cybertron is a video slots game by IGT that is based on the Transformers entertainment series. The game features five reels and twenty five pay lines for players to play on, and it features excellent graphics, animations, and sound effects to fully immerse players in the Transformers theme.

The Battle for Cybertron FreeFall Symbols Feature

The Transformers Battle for Cybertron video slots game comes with a special FreeFall Symbols features. This feature allows players to receive multiple wins from the same spin. Each time a player lands a winning combination, those symbols will disappear and more symbols will fall down from the top of the reels in order to replace them. This gives players the chance to land multiple winning combinations.

The winning combination symbols will keep on disappearing and allowing more symbols to fall down and take their place until no new winning combinations are completed. The FreeFall Symbols feature will then come to an end, and players will return to spin the game as usual.

The Battle for Cybertron Mystery Bonus Features

The Battle for Cybertron Transformers video slots game offers players five Mystery Bonus features that are randomly triggered throughout game play. These Mystery Bonus features will destroy various symbols on the reels, allowing the FreeFall Symbols feature to kick in to action.

If the Optimus Prime feature is activated, all the Decepticon symbols on the reels will be destroyed. These are the Megatron, Shockwave, and Decepticon logo symbols. Once these are destroyed, the FreeFall Symbols feature will activate and new symbols will rain down on to the reels, allowing winning combinations to be landed.

The Megatron feature, Grimlock feature, and the Shockwave feature will operate similarly, each destroying certain symbols and allowing the FreeFall Symbols feature to activate and allow for further winning chances. The Megatron feature will destroy all the Autobots symbols, which are the Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and the Autobots logo symbol. The Grimlock feature and the Shockwave feature do not focus on specific Transformer characters, but, instead, they will destroy a random selection of various symbols.

The fifth Mystery Bonus feature is triggered when players land two bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. This will cause the Ratchet character to appear, and he will turn a random symbol into another bonus symbol in order to activate the free spins round.

The Free Spins Round

If players land three bonus symbols on the first, third, or fifth reels or land two bonus symbols to trigger the Ratchet feature, the free spins round will be activated. Here players will be able to choose one of four Transformer characters, each offering varying free spins and multipliers. The Megatron will offer players five free spins and an eight to ten time multiplier.

Optimus Prime will offer players eight free spins with a four to ten time multiplier. Shockwave will offer players twelve free spins with a three to five time multiplier. Finally, Bumblebee will offer players fifteen free spins with a two to four time multiplier. The multiplier value will be randomly chosen.