Basic Blackjack Strategy

The fact that blackjack involves a fair amount of skill, as opposed to pure luck, is what has made this game one of the most popular casino games to have ever been introduced to Canada.

This essentially means that players that choose to indulge in a few hair-raising games of blackjack actually have the ability to improve their chances of winning and simultaneously decrease their chances of losing, with every decision made directly impacting the outcome of the game.

Those that consistently make the right decisions by utilising basic blackjack strategy will ultimately increase their chances of walking away a winner!

How Basic Blackjack Strategy Works

There is quite a bit of available information to work with when playing blackjack, such as the cards that have been dealt to you as well as the dealer’s hand. Using this information, players are able to determine the probability of what could occur next.

Basic blackjack strategy is about working out the probabilities in order to determine what moves will get you closer to a win. This is typically done by comparing the various probabilities of all possible card combinations and how those combinations would affect the final outcome of the hand dealt.

There will always be a correct mathematical decision to be made, ultimately allowing players in Canada to keep the house edge as low as they possibly can.

Using Basic Blackjack Strategy

Unfortunately, when it comes to blackjack strategy it isn’t always easy to make the right decision and a few complicated mathematical calculation are required to do so.

On the up side, basic blackjack strategy players don’t have to make any complex calculations, with basic blackjack strategy essentially defined as a set of rules that determine what action needs to be taken based on the player’s and dealer’s cards. That said, it can be fairly difficult to learn all of the rules as there are numerous possible outcomes.

Players looking to make use of basic blackjack strategy should take a look at the many available online strategy charts because they indicate which decisions should be made and at what time.

Strategies That Don’t Work

Over the years, a number of blackjack strategies have surfaced in the world of online gaming, however, there are a few that actually don’t work in spite of the fact that many players in Canada try to use them to get a better edge on the house.

Mimic the dealer is one such strategy, where players do as the dealer does in the same situation. Basically, this means that players would just hit on cards lower than 17 and stand on 17 or higher, but it actually proves to be less beneficial as splitting and doubling can be extremely advantageous in the right situations.

Another simple strategy that doesn’t work goes by never bust, where players never hit to avoid going bust. This one actually increases the house edge even though it seems like a safe approach. Another involves the player assuming that the card is always a 10 due to the fact that they make up 30% of the deck, however, the others make up 70% and also increases the house edge.