About The Straperlo                                                    

During the early 1930s, a business was created that attempted to introduce a type of roulette that could be controlled electronically. This event caused such a large scandal amongst the nation that it is regarded as one of the factors that lead to the Spanish civil war that lasted from 1936 to 1939.

Straperlo was instituted by the Republican government of the time, and was eventually noted as part of the fall of the government preceding the civil war.

The Straperlo Roulette Table

In the 1930s, a man named Daniel Strauss brought a roulette table with him to Spain. This roulette table, however, was unique at the time, as it contained a mechanism that allowed it to be controlled electronically. It was introduced by the government to live casinos for the average casino player to use. Special buttons could be found on the roulette table that allowed someone to change the outcome of any draws made, essentially allowing the dealer to pick and choose who won and who lost, where traditionally roulette is a game that is completely up to chance. It got its strange name of ‘Straperlo’ as it was the name of the creator that had been etched into the wood of the table.

From an outside perspective, the roulette table looked normal and untampered with, albeit with a reduced amount of rooms and a few small differences in the overall layout of the table. It was marketed as a roulette table that tested the dexterity and the skill of the players who used it.

The Straperlo Scandal

The Straperlo roulette table was a huge success at first, being installed in a well-known hotel by the name of Formentor Hotel. It was then moved to the Kursaal Casino in San Sebastian, but was quickly found out by the local online casino players. Players learnt how the device functioned, after which the local police decided to ban the device. Daniel Strauss did not take the ban lightly, as he had invested much of his own money into the device, and was determined to make it see commercial use, and earn a profit for himself.

Strauss then decided to approach the Republican government of the time, influencing the radical members of the party to legalise the device and distribute it across the country. In return, Strauss offered the government a portion of all profits made. The government agreed, and the device saw wide scale distribution. It did not take long for players to realise that the roulette table was rigged, and the government, as well as Strauss, were called out for what they had done. This lead to a massive scandal that rocked the entire nation, and eventually caused the government to collapse, which lead to the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

Straperlo In Summary

The scandal surrounding the Straperlo device, as well as the subsequent chaos that followed proved how quickly a country could descend into madness when the government attempts to fool its own people.